158 – SH Figuarts Red Hawk

Pump up your Birdonics and dress up like it’s 1992.



  1. I loved doing the photo set with this guy on my site, I hadn’t even started jetman and had to have him. Black Condor should be here soon as well…Superior to Shinken Red in every way I have to say.

  2. Well, this is weird. My Black Condor arrives this morning and here you are looking at Red Hawk. Jetman is my all-time favourite Sentai, and I have been looking forward to this release for months. I was trying to limit myself to just one Jetman (the coolest), now I think I’ll cave in and get Red Hawk just to make my little Gai Yuki look that much cooler.

    And when I’m bankrupt, surrounded by cool Japanese toys, I’ll raise my fist to the sky and yell VANGELUS!!!

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