267 – Transformers RID 2015 Warrior Strongarm

Nobody escapes the strong arm of the law!



  1. I also enjoy the warrior Strongarm toy, overall. I really dislike the mittens, for the fact that there is a molded fist there, and then it gets covered up. I wonder if there couldn’t be a hinge that allows transformation but flips those panels outward. The conversion from bot to truck is not fun for me, due to aligning all the exterior panels, but mileage may vary. I think she’s a toy begging for custom paint apps to give her show-accurate striping, but her deco looks good to me overall. I do really like the look of her Woman in Police Trousers midsection. Face sculpt looks nice, too, if lacking paint. I don’t mind the backpack or wings too much, as those parts on Transformers pretty typically disappear into subspace when we get art.

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