08 – SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Skull and Joker

A lone hero in a stylish hat, driven to take up hardboiled powers so he might battle an evil syndicate.  His pupil, stranded to his own devices and shrouded in the shadow of his lost mentor.



  1. Hi Vangelus. I have been a subscriber on youtube for some time and I have to say enjoy your work very much. I have joined the Kamen Rider fandom very late. Have begun collecting SH Figuarts figures and some SIC, mainly the ones I have seen you review lol. The real question I have and not that you have the time nor the inclination to help me but…where can I get these figures of Skull and Joker. I know Im about a year late however these are 2 of my favorites. I picked up the SIC Skull and Fangjoker but I love figuarts. Any help you can offer would be wonderful. I mean Im not incapable…however one figure goes for like $100 and Im not a rich man lol. So any help you can offer would be great. Thanks again for th wonderful and entertaining vids. Take care.

  2. This has to be my personal favorite review or yours. I will agree that both of these Figuarts are damn sexy. I’m currently saving up some cash for these, but I wanted to know which one I should go with first. I love Joker, but Skull is just so badass. And that’s saying something, because let’s face it, we’re talking about Kamen Rider W here.

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