19 – Three Faces of Thor

Raise your hammer and check out this alliterative hat-trick of Asgardian Odinson action figure overview!  Meet Thors from as early as 1991, as recent as 2010, and as strange as…well, the jet.




  1. Is this video not up anywhere on the internet right now? I cant find it on TGWTG and Blip wont load on my computer right now for some reason.

  2. Hey Chris:

    I have gone through some of your Transformer reviews such as Skeletor and Dragonzord – etc…

    Your video editing skill and story telling and creating ability is mindblowing. I am not worthy of sitting in the same class with you!

    Also you are funnier than me, and that really hurts! How many hours does it take you to put each review together?

    Was this all done with the SR 10 cam?

    I know who to go to for all our voice over needs during our film course!

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