Herculean Glyosetic Updates – March 5 and February 21 2012

Life continues, even in Olympus!



  1. LOL: “Sometime in June when this Vlog goes out…” 😛

    When you eventually manage to achieve all said Glyos vids, I think you’re going to look back at this period with a smile, plus all those involved with Glyos’ production will appreciate your efforts too I’m sure – That and it will satiate all those wondering: “Just what the hell is Glyos?”. 😀

    Looking forward to the Skull review, I’m not really a fan of Super Sentai?… Bugmen!, but if I were to pick up one of these supremely photogenic figures it’d be one of his iterations. 😉

    Hercules… Now that is going to be an Olympic effort, so take your time with that one but more importantly; Glad you’re still enjoying ‘School’, your comments with regards to post-secondary schooling (On the last WTF@TFW?) were entirely accurate, well, they were at least with regards to myself and my I.T. Networking Diploma that I achieved 3 years ago but anyway…

    Keep up the solid work mate, your Blog is loving all these updates. 😛

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