The Botcon Conundrum 2012 – April 8 2012

Welcome to the first second Sunday of April of 2012!



  1. Mate, how you manage to have such a ‘bursting at the seems’ schedule and still manage to find the time to breathe baffels me; clearly you’re better at time management than what you give yourself credit for. 🙂

    Once again, glad to hear that you’re continuing to enjoy your current classes and that the production of your Glyos vids are coming along well; I’m quite looking forward to seeing the results of both.

    It’ll be very interesting to hear the commentaries from the various WTF@TFW members and yourself (that are attending) via the various outlets you all have as I’m very curious as to how the various ‘mishaps’ will actually manifest themselves at the actual convention; I think the relevant Hasbro and FunPub panels will be the most fruitful but I wonder if the actual attendance level will be affected to the degree that the various fansites seem to suggest, or whether it’ll simply be a case of more ‘talk’ than ‘walk’. 😉

    Also, glad to hear that Canada is finally catching up to Australia on the currency front. XD

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