Saints Row the Third – Whaaaaaaaaaaaat

Apparently(?) this is an actual side mission in Saints Row the Third, a game I am pumped to pick up when I have the time and cash.  Have been for months.

Bit of backstory: I got to know my good friend Andi, who is one of the main people responsible for me having any interest in the creation of media at all, while we were both (and still are both) DJs on The Cape Radio, an internet radio station based out of City of Heroes.  I go by DJ Vangelus, Andi goes by DJ Enigma.

“DJ Vangela and DJ Enigmus”

Andi has played trance music.

DJ Enigmus uses decoys to prevent her assassination.  DJ Enigma the City of Heroes character is an Illusion controller, who can summon decoys.

Vangela and Enigma both sort of resemble images of either photos or avatars of Andi and myself.


About vangelus

I am a geek of a robotoyetic and tokusatsu slant who likes to make video and audio about what I love.

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  1. Today i spent 300 $ for platinium roulette system , i hope that i will make
    my first $$ online

  2. Oh god I hope this is real. Vangelus is EVERYWHERE.

  3. Stillwater Personality Vangelus

  4. I can’t escape you no matter where I go, how did this happen

  5. As weird as this situation is…. I feel the need to ask for your autograph.

  6. Should I be impressed or frightened?

    Can I be both??

  7. I meant did…

  8. How ddd you get so damn cool?! GEEZE

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