07 – Massively Effected Cubed Pt2 – April 21 2012

Mass Effect 3 has arrived. Vangelus and GogDog join with the man who introduced them to the series, Seth Buzzard, to discuss their thoughts on the game as a whole.

In this segment: The game’s finale and beyond.

NOTE: The bleeps and bloops are Skype noises, due to the use of a call recording.

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  1. So I just finished listening to this latest slice of Vaudiosonic, and I’ve gotta say I agree with everything you guys discussed. You pretty much covered all of the frustration I had felt with the end of the game; after what had been a pretty much flawless trilogy, up to that point. With that in mind, had you guys planed a follow up to cover the redux ending? And now that we also have the Leviathan DLC fleshing out a plot thread mentioned by Balak.

    Anyway, I want to thank you, Jeremy and Seth for an excellent discussion/debate. I always enjoy listening to you and your intrepid podcastese (?!), so I hope that you can keep up the good work.


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