Vaudiosonic – 07 – Massively Effected Cubed Pt2 – April 21 2012

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Many thanks to GogDog and Seth Buzzard for joining me on these!  Hopefully I can get ’em back in for an epilogue chat about the Extended Cut DLC.  😀

Still no luck with LibSyn, but due to upgrading to Blip Pro to get the video versions to actually process properly, I was able to get Blip to make an MP3 copy of this episode!

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I am a geek of a robotoyetic and tokusatsu slant who likes to make video and audio about what I love.

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  1. Great discussion on ME3 guys! While there are definitely a lot of things to comment on in this +5 hour podcast I’ll only touch on a couple things.

    Regardless your feelings on the ending I’m glad that most of you realized that this trilogy of games was always going to be more about the journey rather than the destination. However, it was kind of sad to hear that for Gogdog the ending actually was the most important thing to him and now it seems he wants nothing to do with the series going forward.

    As for Bioware announcing an extended ending I was surprised to hear that all of your were in such agreement with the decision and that no one even bothered to question it. Sure, it’s what the fans are asking for but who are we to dictate what the creators should do? If I wrote a book and was proud of it but many seemed to hate a certain aspect of it, I don’t think I would change it just to make the reader happy.

    Or what about Fansproject and their decision to make all original characters? Many of the TF fan base hated the sound of that but you guys all supported the idea of this company going out and doing something they wanted to do – regardless what anyone else thinks. (Obviously this is quite the most accurate comparison, but hopefully you can understand the point I’m trying to make).

    Anyways, I look forward to more episodes of Vaudiosonic and maybe one that discusses your feelings on ME3 now that the extended ending is out.


    • My reasoning is that I don’t feel it’s accurate to say fans are dictating what creators are doing, or re-writing a book, at least in the way that I support the DLC. I don’t feel Mass Effect’s game trilogy can be quickly mixed with metaphors to movies/books/comics/etc because it is a very line-riding and unique media experience that is hinged primarily on your input as an assistant editor to the story + your roleplayed interaction with the game’s layered cast and enormously detailed setting. For that reason, I felt the universe and rest of the cast deserved 100 times the attention they got in the ending. Shepard is the avatar, but also to me the least important character as far as heavily-scripted focus in the storyline finale because a majority of who he/she is remains mostly in our heads as we play.

      To me, the ending was creatively incomplete and unworthy of its own roots, and required expansion for the sake of doing right by all the other writers who took part in making the majority of the journey so awesome.

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