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Vangelus Review 253 – BMOG Ursenal and Mantax (Production Version)

bmog-wave1-production-01 bmog-wave1-production-02 bmog-wave1-production-03 bmog-wave1-production-04 bmog-wave1-production-05 bmog-wave1-production-06 bmog-wave1-production-07 bmog-wave1-production-08 bmog-wave1-production-09 bmog-wave1-production-10 bmog-wave1-production-11 bmog-wave1-production-12
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V-Build 53 – BMOG Carbearator and Chopp-Or

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WTF @ TFW – Supplemental 41 – BMOGgin’ – Nov 23 2013

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Vangelus sits down (theoretically) with Trent Troop of the Bio-Mechanical Ordinance Gestalts line to discuss the crowdsource process, the development process, and the horrible horrible duck idea process.

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Vangelus Review 198 – BMOG: Ursenal and Mantax (Printed Prototypes)

bmogPrototypes01 bmogPrototypes02 bmogPrototypes03 bmogPrototypes04 bmogPrototypes05 bmogPrototypes06 bmogPrototypes07 BMOG-MegaMantax01
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