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Prototype Playtime 01 – Lost Protectors Desolataur Test Shot (Play With This Too)

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prototype-pwtt-desolataur-02 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-03 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-04 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-05 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-06 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-07 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-08 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-09 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-10 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-11 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-12 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-13 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-14 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-15 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-16 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-17 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-18

WTF @ TFW – 327 – TFcon USA 2014 – October 26 2014

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It’s a 2-part Sunday podcast adventure from TFcon USA in Chicago Illin’ Noizey! First, we visit the tail end of Aaron’s 24-hour Extra Life gaming marathon, before heading straight into the WTF@TFW live recording panel that finished off the show.

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After the convention came to a close, and dinners were eaten, and drinks were drunk, Vangelus and Aaron sat down with Rik Alverez and professional crew of onlookers to talk Play With This Too and other professional things.