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Skit For Brains – Crappy Tree Eats Mike Again

Click to proceed to the video page!

In fact, check out the entire Skit For Brains listing, since it’s all up to date.

June 2011 Media To-Do list~

  • WTF@TFW regular and Primetime recordings
  • Vaudiosonic 02 and 03 editing
  • Master Shooter Mega-Gun and Brown King video
  • Fansproject Crystal Protector video
  • Deforide Ryuki, SoC Tobikage&Kurojishi, Revoltech Dancougar, Figuarts Rider 2 (The First ver), Robot Damashii GN Archer videos for HLJ
  • Botcon 2011 videos
  • June V-Chat and D-Arts Rockman X for TGWTG

Probably won’t all get done, but we’ll see~


WTF @ TFW – 152 – June 17 2011

Heralding a new age of humanity, Vangelus, Aaron, and Omegus talk some more post-Botcon haulage and other topics of hardcore note.

Count how many times Vangelus hits that stupid spinning gimmick and win a no-prize!

I need to figure out how to make pages for these podcasts on here.  An embedded player would be nice but I have no idea how to make one.

SkitForBrains – Confidence Fluffer

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Also, I started poking at the Collabs and Cameos video section in making the page for this vid.  Set up the skeletons for SkitForBrains and PawDugan~

Vangelus Review 125 – TF Collection 6 – G1 Megatron

Click here for the video page!

I’ve also worked him into the Youtube Vangelus Reviews and Transformers Reviews pages.  I think I am just going to make pages for vids as they happen, while chipping away at the backlog.  Eventually we will have synchronicity!

Day 2 Update

Whew man this is a lot of grindwork, hahaha.

So far the skeleton of the site is more or less in place!  Click around to see how things will build up as I poke at making pages for vids and podcasts.

Also, all the Blip stuff is now up-to-date.  Vaudiosonic’s only current episode is all set up, as are all my reviews and V-Chats for ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.  I wanted to get those ready first for two reasons: That’s my smaller body of work, and it means I can point Youtube folks there as I’ve not been awesome at keeping ’em informed on my channel.  Always feel kind of cheesy about promoting my Blip work on there, though I know it’s really not poor cricket at the end of the day.

Gotta get tomorrow’s Blip review ready and finish filming the next Youtube vid, as well as edit + release a pair of WTF podcasts, so I might try to lay off spending hours on here for the next day or two.  He says, the naive boy~

Welcome to the new Vangelus Central

On the advice of several folks, I am going to be starting a new site here on WordPress!  For now I will still be updating my old blog, may continue updating it for the sake of not nullifying my old business cards that I handed out.

Here’s the outline of what I want to build:

  • Easy menu-style access to all of my Videos and Podcasts
  • Individual pages for each Video and Podcast Episode
  • Full tagging for each page, trying to find a balance of having enough tags to easily search posts while using the minimal amount
  • No more than one frontpage post with an embedded video if possible
  • Nothing getting lost in the shuffle

So…see you in a few years when that’s all done!  😀