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Vaudiosonic – 03 – Dead Spaced 2 – April 22 and July 18 2011

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Apocalypse Govurom

Apocalypse is nigh…

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WTF @ TFW – 158 – July 29 2011 + WTF @ TFcon 2011

WTF @ TFW – 158 – TFcon 2011 – 01 – July 29 2011

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Episode 158 arrives with the strange situation of also heralding WTF @ TFcon 2011! Mobs of children and a new podcast personality step up to Vangelus and his roommates.

WTF @ TFcon 2011 – 02 – July 30 2011

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After the primary day of TFcon 2011, Vangelus is joined by roomies Aaron and Jarodimus, as well as a British Butcher, to discuss things and get shot in the face by Aaron’s foamy darts.

WTF @ TFcon 2011 – 03 – July 30 2011

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TFcon 2011 comes to a close, and Vangelus, Aaron, and Jarodimus unite one more time before heading downstairs to harass the Canadian Slag recording.

SDCC 2011 Glyos Haul (thanks to CookSux)

Many thanks to CookSux (of The Rabbit Haul) for picking these up for me at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con!

WTF Primetime – 17 – Rock Partners – July 26 2011

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Straight from his bunker in Toronto and days before TFcon 2011, Vangelus summons the entities known as Gogdog, Aaron, and Omegus to discuss two episodes of Prime and a few very spoilery things revealed on The Hub and at the SDCC.

Vangelus Review 130 – TF Prime Deluxe Starscream

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Had fun shooting this one, though it was very haphazard.  Lack of forethought and equipment keeps things pretty small-time, but it was fulfilling to assemble as a project nontheless!